Rainwater Harvesting

This is a subject many of our clients ask about. Although lack of rainfall has not been an issue yet this year, normally by now we’d be thinking about the municipal or well water we will need to satisfy the gardens that we West Coasters love.

Canada ranks 28th out of 29 countries for per capita water consumption*. I suspect that throughout the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island, people are more aware than the average Canadian about water conservation, but that doesn’t mean we use any less! The average British Columbian uses approximately 490 litres of water per day**. Continue reading “Rainwater Harvesting”

Re-Energizing an Old Cottage!

Spurred by the recent rebate incentives we have just completed an energy retrofit, along with structural and aesthetic renovations, to a quaint 1920’s cottage.

This included replacing an old oil furnace with a super-efficient air source heat pump, trading an inefficient wood burning fireplace for a low emission wood stove and updating plumbing fixtures, as well as adding insulation to previously uninsulated exterior walls and crawlspace.

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Resources for Wilco Clients

Choosing products for your new home or renovation can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve built an extensive online resource for Wilco customers.

We maintain more than 80 links (to thousands of products) organized into 15 topics—everything from appliances to sustainable building information, just for Wilco customers.

There you can learn about the newest energy efficient heating systems, find the right light for over the kitchen island or select quality door hardware that fits your budget. Everything you need to help you make your project perfect.

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