Planning Your New Construction or Major Renovation Project

Particularly for clients who have not been involved in a new home build or renovation before, deciding how to go about beginning the project can be confusing and stressful.

Once you have decided to go ahead the first step, even before investing in land or an existing house, may be to consult with the professionals who will ultimately guide you through the process. Continue reading “Planning Your New Construction or Major Renovation Project”

Rainwater Harvesting

This is a subject many of our clients ask about. Although lack of rainfall has not been an issue yet this year, normally by now we’d be thinking about the municipal or well water we will need to satisfy the gardens that we West Coasters love.

Canada ranks 28th out of 29 countries for per capita water consumption*. I suspect that throughout the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island, people are more aware than the average Canadian about water conservation, but that doesn’t mean we use any less! The average British Columbian uses approximately 490 litres of water per day**. Continue reading “Rainwater Harvesting”