Complete Construction Management

Complete Construction Management

People appreciate the way we work. They like our transparent way of doing business and our professional service.

Our management program takes a team approach to creating each home we build. The home owner, the consultants (architects/designers) and the contractor are all part of the team. Our objective is to deliver the project on time and on budget while stressing best building practices. As the general contractor, our job is to integrate the design with the construction process to produce a home that meets the functional requirements and aesthetic needs of the owner within the authorized budget and occupancy schedule.

Our role during the design stage is to offer advice on alternative methods of construction and materials that will save time and money while meeting the owner’s needs. Based on our experience and knowledge of current building costs, we exercise overall budget control during the various stages of design. During the construction phase, we provide information and guidance on government approvals, health and safety requirements, insurance obligations and realistic time schedules.

Drawing on our knowledge of the industry the owner can select the best products for various applications. We generally receive a 10% to 25% discount on most materials used in the construction of a home and give this discount back to the owner at the time of billing. We provide onsite organization and supervision of all phases of the project. We also keep tight control on the budget by updating schedules, checking shop drawings, changing orders and providing cost statements and progress billings every two weeks.

With our comprehensive management approach we strive to greatly reduce the likelihood of disputes over the cost of changes in design or additions/deletions to the work. Trade contractors are brought in progressively, thus giving the owner additional time to determine specific project requirements. We base our budget on maximum price quotes from suppliers and trades and give the owner an allowance for such items as plumbing and lighting fixtures, flooring, tiles, appliance packages, fireplaces etc. When we present the owner with a quotation he or she can rest assured that we have included everything.

We carry liability insurance for the company at our cost and are fully licensed with the Workers Compensation Board of Canada.

Wilco Construction Limited is a Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) contractor.